Brice Prairie Conservation Association

Preserving Lake Onalaska and the Black River Bottoms

Minutes of July 28, 2004 Meeting

The evening started with a pre-meeting video of bluebird nesting activities.

Business meeting was called to order by Leif Marking at 7:35 p.m.

Minutes of the June meeting were approved as distributed.

Treasurer's report was accepted.

Brad Foss reported on the loosestrife project. Roughly 10,000 beetle larvae from the insectary were released on June 29, and 2,000 adult beetles were released one day later - all at the experimental site in the Lake Onalaska marsh backwaters.

Leif Marking requested that all people monitoring bluebird houses get their 2004 results turned in as soon as possible.

Brad Foss reported that the summer bike trail clean-up went well on July 7; next clean-up will be in the fall.

Woodduck project:

  • Leif Marking reminded members that nest reports for 2004 are due.
  • We have a very good start on construction of the 100 new houses; organized work nights will continue on August 4 and 18 (both Wednesdays), starting about 5:30 (or whenever people can get there).

Marc Schultz announced that the last stage of white oak tree planting/maintenance will happen this week

Marc Schultz suggested that FWS people be invited to our August meeting to discuss the environmental impact aspects of the Brice Prairie shoreline project.

Oktoberfest parking lot: we will be again eligible in 2004 to apply for the parking lot project with the county. Marc S. will contact the county people and let them know that we are interested in applying this year.

That's all, folks! End of meeting.

Leif Tolokken volunteered to bring the lunch in August.