Brice Prairie Conservation Association

Preserving Lake Onalaska and the Black River Bottoms

Minutes of January 27, 2005 Meeting

Meeting was called to order and chaired by Leif Marking.

There was a special presentation by Joe Kawatski on elk hunting in Colorado.

Minutes of the November meeting were approved as distributed; treasurer's report was accepted.

Conservation Alliance report by Leif Tolokken. The major topic of interest was the proposed DNR hunting license fee increases; Leif surveyed the hunters present for their opinions.

Big Buck/Big Doe contest was won (in both categories) by Greg Marko.

Fishing derby final plans were discussed.

Meeting adjourned.

Next meeting: Wednesday, February 23, 2005 at 7:00 p.m.


  1. Call to order - 7:00 p.m.
  2. Special presentation: George Howe, Mississippi Valley Conservancy
  3. Approval of the January meeting minutes
  4. Treasurer's report, including preliminary report on the fishing derby
  5. Conservation Alliance report
  6. Call for nominations for members of the board of directors
  7. Spring turkey contest
  8. New (donated) docks for the upper landing?
  9. River/Lake clean-up (April 30th)
  10. Other


  • There is a hunting/fishing/trapping fee (increase) forum scheduled for Feb. 28 (Mon.) at the Onalaska Middle School (Qunicy Street). Opportunity to voice your opinion individually!
  • The March meeting of the Association is the annual meeting. Among the items of business will be elections of three members to the board of directors and approval of the proposed next Operating budget.