Brice Prairie Conservation Association

Preserving Lake Onalaska and the Black River Bottoms

Minutes of October 27, 2004 Meeting

Moved by Brad Foss and seconded by Mary Craig to approve the September minutes. Approved.

Moved by Fred Craig and seconded by Amanda Marco to approve treasurer’s report. Approved.

Leif Marking said our webmaster Fritz Funk was looking for information for the BPCA website. A lot of favorable comments on the website. Thank you, Fritz. We need pictures and information on the fishing derby, oaktree project and other activities that are not presently on the site.

Leif Marking distributed draft copies of the 2004 woodduck/merganser report. When edited, the report will be distributed and put on the website.

The 2004 bluebird report is completed and on the website. Bluebird stories are also going on the site. Bluebird activities are continuing to expand with the possibility of contacts in England. Leif Marking gave an update of activities and shared several of the stories.

Sign up for Big Buck Big Doe is ongoing five dollars gets you in the contest. Contact Brad Foss.

The 2005 BPCA fishing derby committees were reviewed and this will be further discussed at the November meeting. The raffle tickets are a ready to be distributed. They will be available at the November meeting and from Leif Marking in the interim. The date of the derby is Saturday, February 5.

Brad Foss will be meeting with FWS to compose a sign for the loosestrife project.

Marc Schultz said there were very few swamp white oak acorns this year. However, we have adequate numbers of trees in the nursery for several years of planting.

Leif reminded everyone that the Christmas Party is Saturday, December 11.

A great lunch was provided by Mary and Fred Craig.

Amanda Marco will provide the November lunch.

Meeting adjourned.