Brice Prairie Conservation Association

Preserving Lake Onalaska and the Black River Bottoms

BPCA Winter Fishing Derby

A Hardwater Tradition

51th Annual Brice Prairie Ice Fishing Derby

February 5, 2011

Red Pines, North Shore, Lake Onalaska

Winning Fish Board

The winning "Big Fish" Board from the 2011 Derby
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A board full of big fish had been posted by the end of a day that saw huge crowds out fishing on Lake Onalaska. Fishing effort was likely enhanced by the comfortable mid-20's temperatures with no wind, though skies remained overcast and hazy. Derby headquarters was once again the big heated tent on the lower parking lot of Red Pines Bar and Grill on Brice Prairie. Fishing started at sunrise and ended at 3:00pm sharp. Cash prizes were offered for 1st thru 4th place for five fish species: bass, northern, bluegill, perch, and crappie. Funds generated by the derby are spent on local conservation projects including: Bluebird houses, wood duck houses, oak tree plantings, river clean-ups, bike trail clean-ups, emergency shelters, fish cribs, and enhancing public access to Lake Onalaska.

2011 Derby Fishing Results

  • 1st place bass

    1st Place Bass, Sue Black
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    1. Sue Black 4.08 lbs
    2. Jason Novy 3.41 lbs
    3. Ralph Elliott 2.99 lbs
    4. Ralph Elliott 2.71 lbs
  • big perch

    1st Place Perch: Kevin Maringer
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    Yellow Perch

    1. Kevin Maringer 1.33 lbs
    2. Ron Syverson 1.21 lbs
    3. Kevin Guzlecki 1.12 lbs
    4. John Semlar 1.11 lbs
  • Northern Pike

    1. Dan Waters 9.33 lbs
    2. Clinton Parks 8.18 lbs
    3. Mike Bristow 7.62 lbs
    4. Kary Fox 6.56 lbs
  • Black Crappie

    1. Jeff Anderson 1.69 lbs
    2. Rich Rosson 1.65 lbs
    3. Charlie Benson 1.65 lbs
    4. Kate Marshall 1.43 lbs
  • Bluegill

    1. Josh Shor t 0.67 lbs
    2. Biran Kunkel 0.61 lbs
    3. Charlie Benson 0.55 lbs
    4. Matt Kiel 0.52 lbs

2011 Derby Raffle Results

hellerude warming hands

Dick Hellerude, 1st place raffle winner, warming his hands on the heater. Hey Grump, maybe you can get yourself some nice mittens now!
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  1. $1,000 Dick Hellerude
  2. $400 Doug Siroin
  3. Matthews Drenalin Bow (or $250) Greg Ammerman
  4. Benelli Nova 12 Gauge Shotgun (or $200) Mike Barney
  5. NEF 12 Gauge Shotgun (or $150) Cindy Conger
  6. Mossburg Plinkster .22 Rifle (or $100) Josh Dirks
  7. Mossburg Plinkster .22 Rifle (or 100) Frank P. Smaby
  8. $100 Ann Lounsbrough
  9. $100 Marilyn Wille
  10. $100 Miranda Alexander
  11. $100 Joe Arentz
  12. Game Camera (or $50) Rick Miller
raffle prize board

Raffle Prizes

2011 Derby Sponsors

The BPCA gratefully acknowledges the support of the following donors to the 2011 Derby:


fishing effort

Massive fishing effort by the airport landing lights
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boy pointing at northern pike

Now, that's a BIG fish!!
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tent on shore

BPCA Derby Headquarters tent on the shore below Red Pines
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boy with bass

Nice bass!
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kids with bluegill

Will this one win?
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big perch

Prize-winning perch
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