Brice Prairie Conservation Association

Preserving Lake Onalaska and the Black River Bottoms

BPCA 2007 Winter Fishing Derby - More Event Photos

A Hardwater Tradition

The drill team out on the ice at subzero temps
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Action out on the ice
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Kids Bike Winner

Winner of the kid's bike, Cody Wolk, from Brice Prairie
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Youth with Bluegills

Are these big enough to win a prize???
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Inside the Tent

Warming up inside the big white tent

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Drawing the raffle prize tickets

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Cool Hats

Hands-down winners of the "Best Hats" prize, John and Korinne Campbell

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Chicken Raffle

John Wetzel and Willy Fernholz manning the chicken and turkey raffle

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Amanda's Chili

Amanda Marco dishing out some of her very special "Derby Chili" - don't bother asking her for the secret recipe!!!

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Weighing Perch

Al Daus records the weights for a derby perch

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