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BPCA Winter Fishing Derby

A Hardwater Tradition

46th Annual Brice Prairie Ice Fishing Derby Results: No Ice, No Problem!!

The BPCA held its 46th annual ice fishing derby on Saturday, February 4, 2006. The thin ice didn't dampen the enthusiasm for this annual tradition (newspaper article)! Derby headquarters for registration, prizes, games, refreshments, food, and fun was the big white tent pitched at the former Red Sails Resort on Brice Prairie. The ice fishing derby is an important fundraising event for the BPCA, with proceeds being used for BPCA conservation and community projects. In addition, it provides a pleasant social and community activity. Entry fees for prizes were $1 for adults or 50 cents for kids, with derby fishing closing at 3:00pm. Prizes for the top four fish in each category were: $25, $15, $10, and $5.

2006 Derby Fishing Results
  • Bass: none
  • Northern Pike
    1. 4.8 pounds caught by: Dan Shuman, Onalaska
    2. 4.6 pounds caught by: Jim Schumacher, La Crosse
    3. 2.2 pounds caught by: Bruce Kirkeng, Sparta
  • Crappie
    1. 660 gms caught by: Gene Guzlezki, Milwaukee
    2. 545 gms caught by: Bob Pluta, Milwaukee
    3. 530 gms caught by: Gordy Berendt, Milwaukee
    4. 450 gms caught by: Sue Black, French Island
  • Bluegill
    1. 345 gms caught by: Josh Clark, Sparta
    2. 315 gms caught by: Josh Clark, Sparta
    3. 300 gms caught by: Gordy Berendt, Milwaukee
    4. 280 gms caught by: Joe Williams, St Joes
  • Perch
    1. 310 gms caught by: Jordan Granum, Holmen
    2. 295 gms caught by: Dave Donndelinger, Pittsville
    3. 290 gms caught by: Dennis Cramer, Onalaska
    4. 260 gms caught by: Dan Shuman, Onalaska
BPCA - Raffle Winners
  • Cash Raffle
    1. $500 -- Dave Wilder, La Crosse
    2. $250 -- Dave Fonger, Onalaska
    3. $150 -- Leif & Lori Tolokken, La Crosse
    4. $100 -- Brad Barney, La Crosse
  • Gun Raffle
    1. Rifle or $300 -- Kevin Anderson, Onalaska
    2. Shotgun or $200 -- Logan Bar, La Crosse
    3. Muzzloader or $100 -- Kurt "Bubba" Helgeson
  • Kids Bike Winner: Christopher Mashin
  • Henry Goldenboy Rifle: Bruce Graff, Decorah, Iowa
2006 Derby Sponsors

The BPCA gratefully acknowledges the support of the following donors to the 2006 Derby: