Brice Prairie Conservation Association

Preserving Lake Onalaska and the Black River Bottoms

2013 BPCA Winter Fishing Derby

A Hardwater Tradition
Denise Oien's winning northern pike.

1st Place Northern Pike, Denise Oien, 9.1 lbs.

2nd place northern.

2nd place northern, Michael Kuhlman, 7.22lbs.

3rd place northern.

3rd place northern, Dave Steinberg, 4.25lbs.

1st place bass.

1st Place Bass, Zach Hall, 5.43 lbs.

2st place bass.

2nd Place Bass, Darrin Schwanke, 4.29 lbs.

1st place perch.

1st place perch, Lon Ziehm, 1.60lbs.

2nd place perch.

2nd place perch, Steve Sheetz, 1.43lbs.

3rd place perch.

3rd place perch, Adam Baird, 1.42lbs.

1st place crappie.

1st place crappie, David Hutzenbueler, 0.81lbs.

2nd place crappie.

2nd place crappie, Josh Hutzenbueler, 0.73lbs.

3rd place crappie.

3rd place crappie, Dave Stegen, 0.68lbs.

4th place crappie.

4th place crappie, Deb Hermann, 0.66lbs.

1st place bluegill.

1st Place Bluegill, Drew Knutsen, 285 grams.

2nd place bluegill.

2nd Place Bluegill, Dale Schwanke, , 250 grams.

3rd place bluegill.

3rd Place Bluegill, Glen Gilbertson, , 240 grams.