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BPCA Winter Fishing Derby

A Hardwater Tradition

50th Annual Brice Prairie Ice Fishing Derby

February 6, 2010

Red Pines, North Shore, Lake Onalaska

Winning Fishboard, 2010

The winning "Big Fish" Board from the 2010 Derby
(1st and 2nd place Northerns released)

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Saturday February 6, 2010 marked the 50th year of BPCA Ice Fishing Derbies on Lake Onalaska. For this special occasion, commemorative stocking caps were given to the first 150 ice anglers entering the derby, and Red Pines gift certificates were awarded hourly. The big heated tent was again located on the shore below Red Pines Bar and Grill on highway Z, Brice Prairie, with fishing starting at sunrise and ending at 3pm sharp. Mid-20s temperatures and clearing skies through the day made for relatively comfortable fishing compared to some years. Funds generated by the derby are spent on local conservation projects including: Bluebird houses, wood duck houses, oak tree plantings, river clean-ups, bike trail clean-ups, emergency shelters, fish cribs, and enhancing public access to Lake Onalaska.

2010 Derby Fishing Results

  • Bass
    1. Aaron Susdorf 4.41 lbs
    2. Tony Oliver 4.2 lbs
    3. Chad Glibben 4.17 lbs
    4. Levi Spagl 3.94 lbs
  • Bluegill
    1. Bruce Kirkeng 0.77 lbs
    2. Jerry Jerue 0.55 lbs
    3. Miles Loomis 0.48 lbs
    4. Steve Sheetz 0.45 lbs
  • Crappie
    1. Bob Pluta 1.65 lbs
    2. Tim Miller 1.38 lbs
    3. Dan Derks 1.38 lbs
    4. Levi Spagl 1.38 lbs
  • Northern Pike
    1. Jerry Weis 17.97 lbs
    2. Paul Johnson 15.24 lbs
    3. Andy Konetschy 14.96 lbs
    4. Frank Freismuth 14.86 lbs
  • Yellow Perch
    1. Jerry Weis 1.07 lbs
    2. Colton Elliot 0.98 lbs
    3. Jeff Stingl 0.95 lbs
    4. Dennis Love 0.91 lbs

1st Place Northern

1st Place Northern Pike, 17.97 pounds, Jerry Weis
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Woman with big northern

That's a BIG Northern!
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2010 Derby Sponsors

The BPCA gratefully acknowledges the support of the following donors to the 2010 Derby: