Brice Prairie Conservation Association

Preserving Lake Onalaska and the Black River Bottoms

BPCA Winter Fishing Derby

A Hardwater Tradition

49th Annual Brice Prairie Ice Fishing Derby

February 7, 2009

Red Pines, North Shore, Lake Onalaska

Winning fish board from 2009

The winning "Big Fish" Board from the 2009 Derby
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Sunny skies and 40 degree temperatures thawed out the formerly frozen local fishermen as the BPCA held its 49th annual ice fishing derby on Saturday, February 7, 2009. At least we had good ice this year!! Derby headquarters for registration, prizes, games, refreshments, food, and fun was once again the big heated tent pitched on the grounds of Red Pines Bar and Grill, along the north shore of Lake Onalaska, just off County Highway Z on Brice Prairie. The ice fishing derby is an important fundraising event for the BPCA, with proceeds being used for BPCA conservation and community projects. In addition, it provides a pleasant social and community activity. Entry fees for prizes are $1 for adults or 50 cents for kids. Derby fishing started at sunrise and closed at 3:00pm. Prizes for the top four fish in each category were: $25, $15, $10, and $5.

2009 Derby Fishing Results

(see "Winning Fish Photos" at left for pictures of the big fish and happy fisherfolk)

  • Bluegill
    1. 8.1 ounces, caught by Ken Reget
    2. 8.1 ounces, caught by Pat Cassidy
    3. 7.4 ounces, caught by Gino Peterson
    4. 7.4 ounces, caught by Karen Frederick
  • Perch
    1. 1.45 lbs, caught by John Berg
    2. 1.15 lbs, caught by Tim Olson
    3. 1.02 lbs, caught by Bob Pluta
    4. 0.95 lbs, caught by Tyler Holzer
  • Crappie
    1. 1.52 lbs, caught by Fred Misch
    2. 1.48 lbs, caught by Frank Freismuth
    3. 1.40 lbs, caught by Steve Knapp
    4. 1.37 lbs, caught by Rich Rosson
  • Bass
    1. 5.07 lbs, caught by Chad Vandengenberg
    2. 4.03 lbs, caught by Jesse Schumacher
    3. 3.37 lbs, caught by Sue Black
    4. 2.31 lbs, caught by Pete Folloansbee
  • Northern
    1. 12.05 lbs, caught by Nipper
    2. 11.52 lbs, caught by Frank Freismuth
    3. 10.75 lbs, caught by Kurt Vandewettering
    4. 10.26 lbs, caught by Jerod Smith

Raffle Winners

  1. $1,000 -- Joel Roswell
  2. $400 -- Erik J. Hanson
  3. Mathews Outback Bow -- Terry Clemmerson
  4. Savage 30-06 -- John Wetzel
  5. 12 Gauge Shotgun -- Leif Tolokken
  6. Mossburg .22 Rifle -- Philip Phelps
  7. $100 -- Charles Muller
  8. Moultrie Game Camera -- Daniel Novy
  9. Garmin E Trex GPS -- Phil Downing
  10. Gander Mountain Rod/Reel Combo -- Greg Egan