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Bluebird Project

Bluebirds are cavity nesting song birds that are unable to create their own nesting cavities. Natural cavity availability declined significantly when non-native house sparrows and European starlings were introduced to this country because they were predators and competitors of bluebird eggs, young, and nest sites. However, bluebird populations have been increasing since the birth of the North American Bluebird Society (NABS) in 1978 followed by many state chapters. Brice Prairie Conservation Association (BPCA) members have selected the NABS style house to promote bluebird production because the design is practical, easy to construct, and bluebirds readily occupy them. We have monitored bluebird nest boxes for more than a decade, and summary reports and data analysis are reported in this document. For instance, we fledged 2,001 bluebirds in 2003 following these procedures.

Bluebird on wire with worm
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young bluebirds with mouths open
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Leif Marking video capturing a crafty racoon predating a bluebird house