Brice Prairie Conservation Association

Preserving Lake Onalaska and the Black River Bottoms

Fish Habitat: Building the Fish Cribs

cutting logs

Black locust trees, an undesirable species not native to the River bottoms, were felled from a nearby stand, dragged to the construction area, and cut into 10-foot sections

drilling hole

Holes are drilled near each log-end.

building bottom

3/8" rebar is threaded through the holes at each corner, and a row of smaller saplings are screw-fastened across the bottom.

stacking logs

Logs are stacked up on the 5' lengths of rebar, which will be bent over at top and bottom to secure logs.

adding brush

Brush is placed in the center of the crib, rock weights are added, and saplings screwed across the top to hold everything in place. Now we have to wait for spring to melt the ice and drop them into place!